Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Value of Gold

In my spare time when I'm not adding to my art collection, I make myself busy researching rare metals and precious stones. I am intrigued with the beauty a gold nugget holds, how rare they are and where they can be found. My interest with gold and other metals is something I hope I can expand on in the near future. I have always wanted to try metal detecting, but haven't had a good chance at it yet. I have researched the equipment and the places that are known for metals. I got to see this first hand last summer, as I watched a man walking along the beach at Coney Island with a metal detector. In the middle of his search and digging holes, I stopped by to ask a few questions. He was a very friendly man and invited all the questions that I had. Already that day, he had found a ring, a necklace charm, among other things, and odd-in-end change. He shared with me that he is able to find around $2000 a year of gold items and coins at the different sites he visits. I knew that day, it wouldn't be long before I would have the opportunity to put all my research to the test and try out this new hobby I was excited about. Until then; however, I will have to settle with the art work I create that represents my value of Gold.


sea nugget

golden nugget