Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Time to Vote...

Please Vote Below...

I realize I haven't been very good with my blogging, work has gotten in the way of that as has family time. I do get to stop in and check on my friends weekly, to see how you are all doing and what new creations you've made.
As far as my art, it too is taking a break..very sad to say, but you all keep me motivated..I thank you for that.

As my title says, "Time to Vote,".....My girl friend's sister, (a creative photographer, yea we are bias..but shes still GOOD!!) has entered one of her pictures in a contest and the first place prize is $1000 worth of learnings/art supplies. Along with her photography, she runs a in-home daycare/preschool (God has given her much patience). So the winnings would be very beneficial to her children along with the other ones she teaches. As we all know, ART is important and the chance to give young people the materials to expand there mind with art and creating with their imagination is priceless.

So if any of you have time to stop in at the website I've listed below and give her your vote, I thank you. The name of the picture is Shawna & Co. she's #8 on the list. Again thanks,

Here is a picture of Shawna with the link to the contest below